Krewe de Pink Marches with the Krewe of Alla 2017
Krewe de Pink Marches with the Krewe of Alla 2017
Krewe de Pink's Tour of the 
Tulane Cancer Center
Krewe de Pink's Tour of the Tulane Cancer Center

Doing our part in the fight against breast cancer...

New Orleans style!

Matthew Burrow PhD, Bridget Collins-Burrow MD, PhD, Carol Osborne, Krewe de Pink,

Prescott Deininger PhD, Julie Sanford, Hard Rock Cafe

$20,000 donated to the Tulane Cancer Center in 2017.

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Krewe de Pink march
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Krewe de Pink Marched with the Krewe of ALLA

Krewe de Pink marched in the Krewe of ALLA parade on February 19th, 2017 in order to raise awareness about breast cancer and to inform the community about who we are. We sported our best decorated pink bras and were clothed head to toe in Pink. Some of us created our own personal throws and met some great survivors along the route. We're looking forward to our next march with Alla and grateful for their support!

Pink Bra Run

Can you imagine 200 participants in pink bras running along the Mississippi River levee? It is a fantastic sight! Come on out and be part of the newest 5K craze that is the Pink Bra Run! The "Best Decorated Bra" contest has been expanded to the top three male and top three female contestants. We'll have plenty of food and beer - Join us on May 12, 2018 for a great time!

Krewe de Pink's Prom

Maybe you never made it to your prom...or maybe you want to take your current significant other to the prom you never had...join us on September 29th, 2018 for the prom of your dreams! We'll have live Music, prom pictures, and of course... a Prom King and Queen.

Tickets $50 Per Person

$90 Per Couple

$450 for a table of 10

Breast Cancer Survivors

and Supporters 2nd Line

We could not produce our events without the generous support of our sponsors who support our organization. The Happy Hour and Second Line sponsored by the Hard Rock Cafe is a small token of appreciation for their support. Check back for the date.